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238 Genesee Street
Auburn, NY
United States


At Coburn Design we use feedback, input and opinions to make our work stronger and more effective. We test concepts and designs before they go public. We gather data on behalf of our clients and we collect feedback through surveys. Welcome! We're grateful your here and thank you in advance for your participation.


Concept Testing by Coburn Design

Welcome to Ready Set Test, a web site created by Coburn Design inspired by the desire to test design concepts before they are widely distributed.

Instead of Ready, Set, Go! We say Ready, Set, Test!

Each of the current projects on this web site have reached a stage of readiness that makes them ripe for refinement.

By answering a few questions you may help us hone them into something more elegant, effective, or evocative.

We’ll be asking you to respond to questions such as, “Does this illustration or logo meet the following criteria . . .?” “Which logo looks more lively to you?”

This site will also host surveys and forms that will collect data for projects already underway. Perhaps you found this site by invitation or link, if not, feel free to jump right in. You will quickly learn if you match the audience we are targeting.

Join our list of concept testers and receive periodic invitations to give your opinion via the link below:

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